Recovery of Offset Printing Rollers

Wright Roller Company understands the pressures of the pressroom. Faced with the issue to conserve in a highly competitive, ever-changing industry of technological advances, Wright Roller Company can satisfy your challenging requirements. At Wright Roller Company, our sales technicians are experienced at recovery of virtually every offset printing roller. If your printing roller core needs work, we can repair it or manufacture a new core.

Some of the most common offset printing rollers we recover are for varying models of the following presses, among others:
  Heidelberg   Komori   KBA
  Manroland   Muller Martini   Shinohara
  Goss   TKS   Timson
offset printer roller exchange

"Wright Now" Roller Exchange for Printing Rollers

We know that you can't afford to have your printing press down for long — it costs you money when you're not printing jobs for your customers. That's why we are pleased to offer custom-covered, press-ready ink and dampening system rollers for several major brands and models of printing rollers, including Heidelberg and Komori.
  • All ink rollers are covered in Flexrite compound, a specialty blended elastomer designed to work on conventional, hybrid and UV printing applications.
  • All dampening system rollers are available in Helix, Flexrite, and Waterite coverings, all of which are custom water-transfer compounds  designed for better water control.
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